About us

We are Aurélie & Jerry and live in Moorsele, a small town near the French border. Aurélie is a secretary while Jerry is working for a Telecom company. We are together since 2007 and we promised eachother eternal love in 2011.

We are the proud owners of 2 dogs and 1 cat. Children are not on our planning (yet).

Beside our beloved animals, we are also busy with our other hobby, “cosplay”, which has only increased our love for Star Wars & Disney in general. However, this website is about our dogs and our kennel, so here is our history… 

Saint came into our life in 2011, and taught us so much about dogs behavior. He is also the one who introduced Aurélie with “dogshows”. We lost him way too soon in 2018. We think about him everyday… 

We are very grateful he came into our life. It is because of him that Aurélie got the show-virus… 

She looked for a breed that combines beauty & brains, and afhter a search that took her along several breeds and wildly differend dogs, she came across the Border Collie. As it happens, “beauty & brains” is a very common saying in the Border Collie-world. After having the possibility to have some dogs over for a weekend, she fell in love with the breed. A few months later, in july 2013, Malibu came into our life. Malibu got trained in Belgian Obedience and show where she gained her Belgium Junior Title. Unfortunately, Malibu also got a bad hip score which is the reason why she doesn’t compete anymore and she had to stop obedience. She is staying with us to enjoy her retirement.

And again Aurélie missed the show-scene, so she went on a search for a showdog that fit her vision of a show-type Border Collie.

After getting to know some breeders, the pedigree of our next choice was pretty obvious. We met Frederik & Nathalie from “Of Vipers Pride” kennel and fell in love with their girl Imani. After a long year of waiting, Imani gave birth to 5 puppies, and so it came to be that in januari 2016, O’raura came into our life.

Our presence in the showscene was quickly noticed, by other breeders and judges alike. O’raura has given us some amazing moments, and she will be the base upon which we will build our kennel…when the time is right.