Our dogs

We are the proud owners of 3 amazing dogs.

Saint, our American Staffordshire Terriër, was born in the “from Legendary Hights” kennel in 2011. He enjoys long naps on the couch, lounging in front of the fireplace, chasing cats out of the yard and headwrubs from mommy Aurélie.Unfortunately, our boy passed away on 17.05.2018 due to complications after surgery. We miss him so much… 

Malibu, our first Border Collie, was born in the “Shoreland” kennel in 2013. She was trained in show and obedience but due to circumstances, we had to stop both of those activities. She enjoys her retirement with us. “Momma Malibu” likes to go for short walks, a bit of swimming and chasing the ball in the yard.

O’raura, our youngest Border Collie, was born in the “of Vipers Pride” kennel in 2015. She is trained in show and she will be the founding stone of our kennel and you will find an entire page dedicated to her adventures with us. Little miss “prutsie” enjoys chasing (herding…) Malibu around the yard, sleeping on daddy’s lap and working with mommy in the ring.